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Off-Season Football Program

Champions have no off-season, just a burning desire to commit to the process of being the best.   

This off-season training program is a commitment to being the best version of you.  It is a dedication of time, capital, effort, and desire to execute at an elite level.  This course is not based on talent level, it’s routed in the commitment to bettering yourself.  

Dec 5 -31


LAX Elite Strength and Conditioning

Scoop, Cradle, Score, Defend, Repeat


To develop speed, strength, and agility. An athlete requires the joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles to work in concert. Utilizing injury prevention exercises, and drills to foster proper movent technique.  This clinic will make athletes more confident in their abilities on game day!

Superior Gridiron Academy

Middle school and High school Athletes


Learn the technique and skill to be the Best.


Our goal is to put young athletes in the best position to perform at their highest level.  This camp will teach proper technique neccassary to be at the top of your game. These skills will  Improve your overall athletic abilities using a variety of drills to increase position IQ,  body positioning, explosiveness, and Technique.


June 9 - July15

White Helmet

Youth Football Skills Development Clinic

Rising 6 - Rising 9th Grade

No more guppies in this shark tank! 


Making the transition from youth football to middle school or JV requires a new set of skills.  This Clinic will build on the youth football programs foundation. This clinic teaches athletes the new skill sets necessary to compete and excel at the next level.  

Aug 10-12

Aug 15-18

Bantoms Aug 15-18

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