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Superior Gridiron Academy (Grd 4th-7th)



Session 5 (Aug 14th - Aug 17th)

4 Day Camp Pass

Superior Gridiron Academy (Grd 8th-10th)



Session 5 - (Aug 14 - Aug 17th)

4 Day Camp Pass

No upcoming events at the moment



Field Work

1. Warm-up: Begin each session with dynamic warm-up exercises to prepare the body for training.

2. Skill-Specific Drills: Focus on position-specific drills and exercises tailored to the needs of each program segment.

3. Technique Development: Work on improving fundamental skills such as throwing mechanics, agility, speed, catching, tackling, and coverage techniques.

4. Position-Specific Drills: Implement drills that simulate game-like scenarios and enhance specific skills required for each position.

5. Game Situation Repetitions: Practice various game situations, including pass plays, run plays, route running, coverage assignments, and blitz pickups.

6. Conditioning: Incorporate conditioning exercises to enhance endurance, speed, and agility, ensuring players are physically prepared for game situations.

7. Cool-down and Stretching: End each session with a cool-down routine and proper stretching to promote recovery and reduce the risk of injuries.


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