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Wellness Coach

Protocol Performance training is the architect creating an emersive wellness vision.  You are the engineer driving the wellness programs ensuring members' health reality exceed expectations.

Plan and implement wellness programs and provide lifestyle/health risk coaching services to improve the health and productivity of employees (and covered dependents). Individual will play a key role in building a culture of health and safety in support of the organizations vision, mission, and values. 

1. Responsible for coordinating onsite wellness and prevention programs based on the strategic population health management goals and objectives include but not limited to; educational seminars, health screenings, behavior change programs, wellness challenges, access to available resources, and special events 

2. Provide confidential face-to-face lifestyle/health coaching services. Develop and monitor individual lifestyle improvement and risk reduction recommendations to impact wellness and productivity. 

3. Accurately document and collect data in real time to measure performance outcomes. 

4. Develop relationships and work collaboratively with internal champions and subject matter experts in key disease and health risk disciplines- heart and vascular disease, diabetes, asthma, cancer, nutrition, etc. - to promote prevention and risk reduction campaigns related to these conditions. 

5. Work collaboratively with key functional areas such as Human Resources, Occupational and Corporate Health and Wellness, Nutrition/Food Services, Facilities and other clinical departments to build a culture of health in the workplace, including a healthy work environment, benefits and policies that support employee health and wellbeing, etc. 

6. Participate effectively as a team member to share ideas across delivery networks and ensure that local goals and objectives are consistent with system-wide wellness, population health management, and human capitol goals. 

7. Independently accountable 

Bachelor's degree and background in health related field, including but not limited to Health Education, Exercise 
Physiology, or Nutrition 

A minimum of two years of experience in the delivery of worksite health and wellness programs, including data analytics to identify program priorities, marketing/promotion of programs and program administration and evaluation. Training in effective health coaching techniques using motivational interviewing and experience with 1-1 coaching preferred. 

Certified Health Education Specialist, Health/Fitness Instructor, Dietician/ Nutritionist preferred 

Demonstrate and actively participate in personal self -care measures and serve as a role model for the program. 
Demonstrate professional, appropriate, effective and tactful, written, verbal and nonverbal communication skills. 
High energy, enthusiastic individual who exhibits creativity and initiative in order to achieve high levels of employee participation in programs 

Excellent interpersonal and listening skills and strong client advocate to help clients meet their personal health improvement goals 
Ability to work independently, as well as in a team environment across the continuum to ensure program success 
Strong written and oral communication skills, including creativity in development of program marketing material and ability to give presentations within the organization and represent YNHHS to the community 
Excellent organizational and program administration skills 
PC skills, including Word. Excel, PowerPoint, and experience with electronic medical record systems 

Coordinate effective program execution within budget guidelines and provide timely and accurate evaluation of all programs, including participation, outcome results, employee satisfaction, operational results, and overall summary. 

Wellness Coordinator and Health Coach must be able to use decision-making, marketing, and interpersonal skills to plan, deliver, and evaluate wellness programs for specific locations that are aligned with the broad strategic goals and objectives of YNHHS or client organizations. 

Flexibility to work all shifts to meet the needs of individual clients or departments within a client organization. These needs may include some travel as well as evening/night shift, and weekends. 
Ability to interact in multiple care settings; i.e. workplace, inpatient, outpatient, home care, and community based.

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