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Join us as a spectator and Experience the ultimate 7v7 football action at GYF7 tournament!  immerse yourself in the thrilling games while enjoying all inclusive delightful food truck service. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of the GYF7 community. Savor the flavors of the game!

Tournament Game Center

Come join us at GYF7 for the ultimate 7v7 football tournament experience! Compete against the best teams and battle for the championship title. Keep track of your wins and losses and stay up-to-date with weekly tournament recaps. Get ready to play


Tournament Schedule

No upcoming events at the moment

Tournament Gallery

6-5-23 Pauyl Harris Uniform RevealsCos Cob War Eagles
Purple modern Gaming Logo
6-5-23 Pauyl Harris Uniform RevealsGlenville Lynx
6-5-23 Pauyl Harris Uniform RevealsRiverside Pirates
Ivory Black Luxury Minimalist Personal Name Logo
6-5-23 Pauyl Harris Uniform RevealsMianus Venom
6-5-23 Pauyl Harris Uniform RevealsOG Alphas
6-5-23 Pauyl Harris Uniform RevealsByram Bears
6-5-23 Pauyl Harris Uniform RevealsBanksville Knights

The Recap

Game Day Policy

At Greenwich Youth Football 7v7, we prioritize the safety, fairness, and enjoyment of all participants during game days. To ensure a positive and organized experience, we have implemented the following game day policy:


1. Field Access:

   - Only authorized personnel, including coaches, players, and officials, are allowed on the field during games.

   - Parents and spectators are kindly requested to remain in designated spectator areas for the duration of the game.


2. Spectator Conduct:

   - We expect all parents and spectators to demonstrate good sportsmanship and positive behavior at all times.

   - Cheering and supporting the teams is encouraged, but negative or disrespectful behavior towards players, coaches, officials, or other spectators will not be tolerated.


3. Coach-Player Communication:

   - During games, communication between coaches and players should take place from the sidelines or designated coaching areas.

   - Coaches should refrain from entering the field unless permitted by the officials or in case of an injury.


4. Player Safety:

   - The safety of our players is paramount. Any player suspected of sustaining an injury must be immediately attended to by the coaching staff or medical personnel.

   - In case of serious injury, appropriate medical assistance should be sought promptly.


5. Communication Channels:

   - Coaches will serve as the primary point of contact for parents and players regarding game-related matters.

   - Any concerns, inquiries, or requests should be communicated to the coaching staff, who will address them in a timely manner.


By adhering to these game day policies, we can ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants involved. We appreciate your cooperation and support in making each game day a positive experience for everyone.


Thank you,

Greenwich Youth Football 7v7

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