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Recovery Protocol 

Cost Affective Health Plan

Recovery, is what allows you to benefit from your workouts, allowing you to get the maximum benefit from every exercise session.  Workout recovery doesn’t just mean lying on the couch and kicking up your feet. The best postworkout recovery means using a variety of strategies to help your muscles heal.  

Recovery Lab

Health Assessment

Use biometric screening to establish a health baseline and identify risk factors for chronic disease.


When participants receive biometric screening and health risk assessment results, It’s an opportunity  to help them help themselves.


Personalized program created from the biometric  and personal preference data collected during the health assessment.  


mixing incentives and equal disincentives to encourage lifestyle changes.  


Provide credible health, fitness, and disease management care coordination services to members.


Fun filled journey of health by utilizing Protocol's library of wellness challenges.


 Drive positive behaviours across your organization.  Employees can be rewarded for hitting achievements.

Goal Tracking 

Program evaluation is critical to maintaining accountability for a wellness program.  We monitor and evaluate data on a weekly basis from integrated fitness tracking devices and apps to measure and ensure goals are achieved. 

Corporate Wellness Services 

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live and work 

Corporate Fitness

Night Running

The New Office Party

Promote physical activity with office yoga, bootcamp, core conditioning, pilates and more. Led by fitness instructors,  Sessions are 45-60 minutes in length and can be booked as special events, weekly, or monthly subscription.

Personal fitness training available for people that would like more attention.

Office Massage


Put your stress in our hands

Boost morale and eliminate stress with on-site chair massage. All equipment for an in-office spa experience provided. Sessions available in 10, 15 or 20 minute increments and simple to implement with online scheduling options. 3-hour event block minimum.

Health Coaching

Girl Planking

Ignore your health, It will go away.

Improve health behaviors with a variety of empowering workshops & one-on-one health coaching. Facilitated by Registered Dietitians, workshops are 30-45 minutes in length (popular during lunch time) and health coaching covers a range of unique nutritional needs in 20-minute increments (3-hour event block minimum).

Post Rehabilitation

Physical Therapist

Get back to the whole you

Our goal is to take over where your doctor or therapist left your treatment. We will work closely with them establishing the appropriate protocol and keeping the physician and therapist well informed during your entire post-rehab experience.

Biometric Screening

Blood pressure reader

Success starts with data

This health information is a critical piece of data you need to identify health risk factors and shape the wellness strategy. 



Functional  Flexibility

Stretching increases flexibility, reduces the risk of injury, and increases athletic performance.  Stretching is necessary for everyone but is done by few.

“You're not a victim of your heredity, You're a master of your genetic activity.”

Take Control Today!

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