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The recruiting process can be very intimidating.  At Protocol, we ensure that all athletes have an advocate on their side to help them through it.There are options to play at all levels and we encourage athletes to explore all opportunities. Ultimately, your play on Friday nights is the primary factor in determine your chances at the next level, how ever there are important requirements and processes to complete.  Our staff will hold your hand throughout this process.



Protocol Football 7v7 Teams is the ultimate off-season training experience for skill position players. Winter and Spring 7-on-7 football tournaments are widely recognized as the best way for offensive and defensive skill players to develop essential skills without having to take the physical pounding of a regular game. 

Our 7v7 Teams are rooted in the Long Term Athlete Development Model that includes; skill development sessions, games, strength/speed training and classroom football sessions. Athletes will compete against top players, improve their skills through development with our elite coaches and get exposed to colleges and top media outlets.



Traveling to college camps is a large burden for athletes and families. Most summer college camps happen in a short 4-week period. Our goal is to ease that burden by taking athletes to regional college camps at schools we have connections through our Coaching Tree.



Collegiate showcases are an excellent way to get in front of college coaches and showcase your talent. There are a number of opportunities throughout the country, including showcases that occur on college campuses.



As a part of the Protcol program we will provide you with a College Roadmap to help guide you along the recruiting process. This Roadmap will provide a checklist of items that each athlete needs to complete off the field throughout their high school career. Our aim is to provide each family with all necessary information to make informed decisions.

Football Team Coach
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