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7v7 Travel Team

 7v7 football is the ultimate off-season training experience for skill position players. Winter and Spring 7-on-7 football tournaments are widely recognized as the best way for offensive and defensive skill players to develop essential skills without having to take the physical pounding of a regular game. 

Protocol 7v7 Teams is a grassroots program rooted in the Long Term Athlete Development Model that includes; skill development sessions, games, strength/speed training and classroom football sessions. Athletes will compete against top players, improve their skills through development with coaches and receive exposure to colleges and top media outlets.

Fairfield Superiors
7v7 Travel Team
Workout & Evaluation

18U Superior Workout Evaluation
18U Superior Workout Evaluation
Membership Offer
Feb 26, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Greenwich country Day School,
257 Stanwich Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830, USA
Get In On The Action
Fairfield Superiors Team Registraion


Earning your roster spot on a Superiors team is just the beginning. This program has a considerable time and financial commitment.  Hotels, airfare, dining, practice space, professional trainers, and coaches do not come without a cost. 




What makes Protocol different from other 7v7 teams?


Our focus is the development of the total athlete, both on and off the field, while providing a competitive environment and the best chance of exposure for all participants. We use 7-on-7 as an off-season development tool to help each athlete perform their best on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons.

Should My Child Play Travel 7v7 Football?

Protocol is a development program. We accept whoever wants to be great, and we try to instill the mental and physical tools that will steer them on the path to becoming great. Travel 7v7 is a competitive off-season component that requires a substantial financial & time commitment and a relentless work ethic. By learning proper technique, performing thousands of reps, and competing against elite talent, players return to their high school program a better football player than what they were the previous season. Players that have the desire to become a great football player and parents that have the desire for their sons to become great football players should try out for Protocol travel 7on7 program.

How many teams / players will Protocol have?


Protocol will field

  • 18 U National Teams

  • 18U Regional Teams

  • 15U National Teams

  • 15U Regional Teams

  • 14U National Teams

  • 14 U Regional Teams

  • 13U National Teams

  • 13U Regional Teams

Each team will hold maximum 28 players.

How is playing time determined?

Everyone will play during pool play. Tournaments usually have 2-3 non-elimination pool play games before the elimination round. However, in elimination play, playing time is not guaranteed. The decision for playing time during the elimination round will be made by the coach of that team.

How are the teams selected?

The National and Regional Teams tryouts will be held January 15th. A select number of athletes will make the national roster based on their age division. Once on the roster, players will be evaluated at practices and training sessions for a Starting spot on the respective teams. 

How much does it cost?

The Superiors season fee will vary based on the circuit that you play.  The season fee will cover supervised practices and training sessions with coaches and athletic trainers in attendance for each, uniforms, tournament costs, administrative costs. Transportation and lodging costs will be the responsibility of the parent / family of the players. Each player/parent/family is free to travel using the mode that is best for them. The major difference in the cost of the travel teams and regional team is  travel / lodging costs, the regional teams travel far, but not as far or as often as the National Teams. The National Schedule and Regional Schedule will be given out at the respective tryouts. It is expected for the National Teams to Fly to tournaments in Florida, Texas, Las Vegas, North and South Carolina, Louisiana, Utah and California. All other locations will be within driving distance. The regional teams will be expected to travel to New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Boston, Connecticut

What is the schedule for Protocol 7v7?

Beginning in February, we will have position specific training on Friday nights and 7on7 practices on Saturday/Sunday mornings/afternoons. The 1st Tournament is in late February . The last tournament is the National Championship in June. Tournaments will typically last an entire weekend Friday to Sunday night. When a college tour is included in the tournament weekend, we will typically leave on a Thursday night and visit colleges that Friday prior to the tournament. A letter from the college is sent to players to turn into the high school. Many schools will excuse the absence if visiting colleges. Some do not excuse the absence.

How many colleges do you visit during a season?

The number of colleges visit varies per year.

What is included in the uniform?

Each player will receive Practice shorts, practice shirts, a tournament uniform with compression shorts and compression shirts, sweat pants, hoodie / jacket, travel duffel bag and soft shell helmet.  

Will playing 7v7 get me recruited?

NO! 7v7 will not get you recruited.  7v7 should be used as a tool to get reps and get better at your craft. Using the technique and improved skill at college camps and during your upcoming season, hopefully you perform well enough to get recruited.  There will be media circuits in attendance at the tournaments. This could give an athlete exposure that leads to recognition by a college. These media outlets are post  above.

“These guys still want to play real football. This isn’t going to be a substitute,” said Steve Wiltfong, director of recruiting for 247Sports. “But they come out here, and they get their name written enough times, and college coaches see it through social media.

“ ‘This kid was great in that tournament, this tournament, let’s see how he is in real 11-on-11 football.’ Most of the time, there’s a connection. Most guys that are good out here are good on Fridays.”

What will get me recruited by colleges?

Directly contacting a college and presenting highest GPA possible, great VARSITY film at your high school, be a great teammate, be a great leader, and do the right thing on and off the field.

Does Protocol work with a recruiting service?

No, Protocol does not work directly with recruiting services.  These services are promoted, because even if you are successful in the classroom and on the field, it does not guarantee a college will recruit you.  There are only 130 NCAA D1 teams and a staggering 16,000 high school football teams in America.  Colleges do not magically receive your stats.  It’s up to you to ensure your profile comes across a college’s desk.  If you meet a college’s athletic and academic requirements, that institution will recruit you, no matter how small of a school you come from.  90% of all D1 athletes Made the initial contact to the college they attended. You have one chance at a first impression. These services give you tools to properly communicate and track your recruiting progress.

If you would like information on these recruiting service click Here

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