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Organizations registering a team or teams with multiple age groups, choose the appropriate team pass.  You must purchase a separate season pass for each team age group.  You will receive an email after the completion of purchase with instructions to register your team(s) and create rosters.

If you are registering team which players are paying their own fee, please contact us by clicking on the phone or email icon. We will create your team profile and list it on our tournament.

Fairfield Superiors Future Stars Lineman League - Trench Warfare

2023 King of Fairfield Tournament Season (May 1 - June 11)

  • Future Star 5v5 Team

    Lineman Team Tournament Season Pass (Min 5 - Max 10)
    Valid for 2 months
    • Fairfield Superiors Future Stars Season


5v5 Lineman league is a series of pass protection / pass rush matchups.

Each week teams will participate in two matches. Each match is a series of 1v1 pass pro/pass rush matchups.

Players can register as individuals, or full teams can register ( all players must reside in the same town unless the player is from a town without a team) . Those players who register individually will be placed on renegade teams coached by Fairfield Superior coaches.


  • 10-20 regular season games played over 7 weeks

  • All regular season  games are 25 minutes in length (4 games against different teams with a rotating pass rushing reps), two games each week

  • Championship playoff tournament (3 game minimum)

  • On-site trainer

  • Other Perks will be included by email updates



Mouthguard - Players are required to wear a mouthguard during all games. Any player without a mouthguard will be asked to leave the field.

PLAYER CARDS: Player cards are required. Tournament day will include a full check-in with all players required to have a valid players card through the Zorts platform. These range in price from $6-10 based on level of card purchased. Many players will already have a player card from earlier tournaments, but for anyone who does not your coach will send instructions on purchasing a player card. These player cards are good for any tournament that takes place throughout the country on the Zorts platform. 

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